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Lakota Ridge remodel

Thilly Custom Home

Edgewood Addition

Richland Custom

Pretty Lake Remodel

Spring Creek Sunroom

Hilltop Bathroom Remodel

Theater Room

E Osage Ridge Custom Home

Harvest Rd Custom Home

Rte N Custom Home

Richland Custom Home

Nashville Church Rd Custom

Bluff Creek Custom Home


harvest table

ladder to treehouse above bedroom

treehouse above bedroom

secret door into attic space





Scott, along with the Project Managers, Architects, and Interior Designers, work with our clients throughout the design process.  Our goal is to foster creativity and innovation to think beyond the status quo and develop a truly customized project.  



We have developed a reputation for taking on unique and challenging custom homes and remodeling projects of all types. We highly value planning and preparation, but understand that construction is an organic process. We pride ourselves on continually assesing the best course of action and not always taking the path of least resistence.


With energy efficiency, sustainability, and low toxicity measures, Green Building is at the core of our principles. We partner with the leading trade contractors, architects, and suppliers to provide options for our clients to have the most responsible and efficient products and practices used in their projects.  Alpine Builders is at the forefront of the ever-changing evolution of sustainable practices and products.   Scott is a NAHB certified Green building Professional (CGP).

Alpine Builders was selected as the Builder for the Eco Schoolhouse, at Grant Elementary by Columbia Public Schools.  Working with local architect,  Nick Peckham, and others, we created a net zero, sustainable building where students could learn fully immersed in a healthy and inspirational environment.  The Eco Schoolhouse demonstrates the possibilities of optimizing sustainability, energy efficiency, low toxicity, and environmental awareness in our community classrooms.


The project was awarded the LEED "Gold" certification by the USGC (U.S. Green Building Council) upon completion. The Eco Schoolhouse garnered national attention and inspired a documentary Eco-Schoolhouse, a documentary film to be made about the project 

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